Agricultural machine product examples

1. Panelling sections

Panelling sections for agricultural machines

Construction of rear hatch for harvester made using LFI foil technology:
1. Side section with high-gloss foil in vehicle colour
2. Middle section with high-gloss foil in vehicle colour
3. Stiffener frame

2. Roof systems

Roof systems for tractors


Two-shell tractor cover construction made using SMC technology:
1. Outer shell
2. Inner shell with integrated air guide
3. Structural bonding
4. Metal reinforcements

Sophisticated solutions
Sophisticated solutions

Fritzmeier has been developing and producing roof modules for tractors for over 30 years. Major investments in technologies and material systems enable the cost-effective production of these sophisticated modules. For high-volume production we recommend SMC technology. For medium production runs LFI foil technology offers substantial advantages in tooling costs and in the high-quality finish of the surface.