Energy & Enviroment

Successes that encourage

Plenty of companies talk about environmental protection, but Fritzmeier Systems puts it into practice.

The cornerstones of our environmental management system are:

  • Compliance with environmental protection laws.
  • Using energy efficiently and conserving resources.
  • Avoiding, separating and recycling waste.
  • Targeted risk prevention, for example by not using toxic or hazardous substances.

Our measures: Successes that encourage

  • We use hazmat management based on REACH and GASDSL.
  • We cool our equipment and production areas with groundwater instead of electricity.
  • Our systems use energy-saving frequency-controlled drives.
  • We use only gas-driven or electric forklifts.
  • In-house noise protection has the highest priority.
  • We have made a rigorous switch to reusable packaging and returnable load carriers.

Thinking ahead: Closing resource cycles

Since 2015 we have had DIN ISO 50001 energy management certification. This has helped systematically identify energy consumption and reduce it by effective means, saving resources and reducing environmental burden.

  • The requirements of DIN ISO 14001 are binding for our entire supply chain.
  • With our environmental, safety and supplier management we can detect risks early on and minimize them.
  • Emissions reduction is a priority in all processes.
  • Through regular energy audits, we look at additional ways to recover energy from production processes and avoid waste.