Automotive product examples

1. Fender in SMC with Class A surface

Side panel for premium cars


Side panel with paint and assembly components


2. Rear and top hatch systems in SMC with Class A surface

Rear hatches for premium cars


Rear and top hatch for a convertible in SMC:

1. Rear hatch inner shell
2. Rear hatch outer shell with Class A surface
3. Top hatch inner shell
4. Top hatch outer shell with Class A surface
5. Top hatch cover with leather laminate
6. Reinforcement panels




3. Structural components

Components for the CFK passenger compartment of an electric vehicle

Carbon-metal hybrid roof bow for sports care

Endless fibre-reinforced end panel of CFK for electric vehicle made with RTM technology .

Products with decisive advantages
Products with decisive advantages

Complex customer requirements can be met only when the material used comes up to the product demands. For example, premium surfaces can be obtained through the use of special SMC materials.