A great team

For our customers we act as product designer, developer, designer, prototype builder, manufacturer and usually also system supplier. We cover the entire gamut of customer needs, naturally in accordance with their wishes. In project work we coordinate closely with customers and seek consensus with them and their specialist departments.

Benefit from our extensive experience. 

Thanks to our customers’ loyalty and willingness to innovate, it is harder and harder for the competition to get ahead of us. It’s much easier to just follow us.


M1 Spitzing Sketch
Concept and design Innovation are a must

The generally high technical level of our customers necessitates good design planning on our part, so that we can set new standards and maintain our lead. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced product designers and engineers offers the full creative capabilities and technical understanding to give your products maximum performance, function and aesthetics, while saving development costs and time.

  • We quickly present ideas and alternative concepts in the form of sketches, so that you can make informed decisions early in the process.
  • In further steps we detail out the drafts, make CAD models and create photorealistic views and physical prototypes for evaluation.
Entwicklungsbuero Fritzmeier Composite
Development and design Excellent solutions

We have a full command of the art of shaping composites, as well as the art of meeting customer wishes. The result is close project cooperation with customers and their departments.

  • Working from the design surface, we develop components and systems to specification, and check them with FEM calculations.
  • A 30-person development team and the latest CAD and CAE equipment ensure optimum use of materials and processes. Only in this way is it possible to create innovations and excellent solutions.
Fritzmeier Prototypenbau
Prototypes and samples Ready for series production

Fritzmeier Composite has a dedicated team for working out special methods for producing near-series samples and prototypes. Our prototypes benefit from our series production expertise:

  • SMC pre-samples of series material made with economical aluminium moulds (a good solution for quantities of 10+)
  • Hand laminate with different types of reinforcing fibres and matrix systems
  • Vacuum infusion process
  • RTM pre-samples from ureol or aluminium moulds
  • Component back-up and testing
  • Assembly and sample constructions

Award-winning trainees

Our prototype workshop offers the opportunity to learn the trade of plastic-rubber process mechanic. Based on their outstanding performance, the trainees of the three consecutive years 2015, 2016 and 2017 were awarded the Bavarian State Prize by the Wasserburg trade college.

CFK Fertigung fuer BMW i3
Tools Real heavyweights

No compromises! Our tools are designed for dependability and precision. We do dimensioning and concept model-making during drafting of the specifications. We source tools both from outside partners and from our Group’s own tool makers at Fritzmeier Technology. This gives us:

  • Service and modification capacity for internally and externally sourced tools
  • High flexibility through close proximity
  • Constant emergency availability for ongoing production and parts supply
Automation and fixtures Where robots shake hands

The motto of our automation team is “There is no such thing as impossible.” Whether for complex SPS programming or teaching robots, Fritzmeier Composite is self-reliant. We make and maintain our robot grippers and parts holders ourselves. Our industrial engineering stands out with:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Ongoing process improvement
  • In-house system support


In fascinating industrialization projects, trainees can learn electronics with a concentration in operation technology and industrial mechanics.

Production Processes well in hand

An experienced team with many years of production know-how guarantees a stable production. Committed employees, robots and machines build products with tangible quality.
Our state-of-the-art machinery and plant include:

  • 23 presses up to 36.000kN
  • 36 CNC-systems
  • 40 industrial robots
Assembly and logistics Ready for shared success

ERP-controlled logistics processes enable precision just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery direct to the customer’s assembly line. Parts are supplied painted, laminated and mounted on special platforms sized for your product, line and conveyor. We manufacture low-waste, and factor in recycling and energy recovery from our products after use.

  • Flexibility
  • On-time delivery
  • Dependability
  • System supplier if desired