Young Gen Project 2017

For many years, Fritzmeier have organised projects with the theme “apprentices create our future”, offering the trainees the chance to bring in their technical knowledge and their own ideas.

This time Fritzmeier went one step further by inviting not only our own apprentices but also those belonging to the CAB Concept Cluster.

Together they had a kick-off meeting at the Obere Firstalm in Bayrischzell, where the apprentices presented their ideas. The only restrictions given, were they were to include components of their employees and there should be a connection to the agricultural industry.

Afterwards, the apprentices sketched their favourite ideas together with the technical designer Wanja Steinmaier from the design agency Lumod.

Have we made you curious?

Then meet our apprentices at the Campus&Career platform form at Agritechnica 2017.